"That's just 'cos I'm stupid. Hidden shallows, my mate at drama school called it" - Christopher Eccleston.

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Hidden Shallows Online!

Apologies to you all for the lack of recent updates - unfortunately, real life intruded somewhat and I was unable to update. However, all is back to normal now so expect a goodly number of updates in the next few weeks. Regarding the screencaps, wallpapers and icons, please feel free to take and use or adapt to whatever you like. No credit or link back is required.

Enjoy your stay...have fun...and come back often - there's a lot more planned for the site.

There's a new Chris Eccleston Icon contest community on Livejournal. For more info and to join: CHRIS ECCLESTON ICONTEST COMMUNITY

THANKS to Brian Gorman for contributing his review of "Romeo and Juliet: A Question of Choice". I'll be setting up a review section shortly but, in the meantime, read his review: ROMEO AND JULIET: A QUESTION OF CHOICE - REVIEW


17-MAY-07: Added screencaps from the "Distractions" episode of "Heroes" to the gallery.

08-MAY-07: Added screencaps from "The Fix" episode of "Heroes" to the gallery.

01-MAY-07: Added screencaps from the "Godsend" episode of "Heroes" to the gallery.

04-MAR-07: Added a gallery of screencaps from "Jude".

10-FEB-07: Added a gallery of screencaps from "Perfect Parents".

27-JAN-07: Added a gallery of screencaps from "Dr Who Confidential".

16-JAN-07: Added screencaps from the "BBC Breakfast Time" interview.

19-JUN-06: Added Brian Gorman's review of "Romeo and Juliet: A Question of Choice"

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